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Dearest AVDRA members and fellow racers,

As you are all aware, the September and October AVDRA events at Motoland have been cancelled.

The reasons are several. We had a scheduling miscommunication with Motoland, we no longer have a vintage friendly track at Motoland and most importantly, our AVDRA Director Dave Boydstun has decided he’s at the stage in his career where its time to lighten his load and turn management of AVDRA over to others.

For those of you that are unaware, Dave owned and operated AVDRA for close to 33 years. A remarkable achievement for any club, let alone an organization chaired by the same individual. And If you’ve raced with other clubs, you already know AVDRA is a World Class Organization. The Riders Meeting is thorough and professional, races run on time, discipline was fair, awards were handed out the same day as racing, points were tallied and put on the website in a timely manner and so on. Not every race organization runs as efficiently as AVDRA. And to make that happen, Dave also surrounded himself with some outstanding people. Much of AVDRA success can be contributed to Jimmy, Pam, Candy and the others that have contributed greatly to event operations. Dave Boydstun certainly deserves a sincere thank you from all of us, for his time, dedication and innovation in making AVDRA the vintage motocross and family-friendly race organization that it is today. Thank you Dave, job well done.

So, let's talk about the future. Jim Rike has volunteered to be the new AVDRA Chairman. Jim's first order of business is having a place to race and get the LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), insurance policy, bank accounts, tax information etc. transferred to his name. This past week, Jim has been looking for a venue to run AVDRA races. He’s talking with existing motocross tracks in the valley and a potential new track in the Florence area, that has yet to be built. Once we have a place to race, and the administrative tasks completed, AVDRA events can continue. At this time, there is lots to do and we are asking for your patience.

Also, while no firm decisions have been made just yet, when racing resumes expect some changes. As examples, we are considering making AVDRA a true “club” whereas we’d have an Advisory or Steering Committee to make decisions and members have input. Also, since attendance has been an issue for the last year or so, we are discussing having each event a Race/Work event, to help reduce costs. Again, these are ideas being considered. No firm decisions have been made at this time.

So once again, please be patient. We will keep you informed on the November and December races. Hopefully we will have a track to run by the dates on the schedule. If that happens, great. If not, we are still moving forward to have a full-schedule of racing next year and thereafter.

Stay tuned and thank you for your participation.


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