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The AVDRA (Arizona Vintage Dirt Racers Association) was started to maintain the passion of restoring, riding and racing the motorcycles early members rode as teenagers in the 1960's and 1970's.


Our first event was held at Mel Larson's Motorplex in September 1990; a few more than a dozen riders attended and rode the event for free, thanks to founder Dave Boydstun making an agreement to help layout the new track in exchange for free entry and use of the facility.  


Since that iconic day, and due to growing interest in vintage motocross in the Phoenix area....AVDRA has organized and operated a vintage motocross program.  The first few seasons, there were only four events per year.  AVDRA would quickly grow to holding ten to twelve events annually.  And on occasion, AVDRA ran cross-country and observed trials on the Saturday before a motocross event.  


In addition, each February for the last 30-plus years AVDRA has held the "Dual in the Desert".  A two-day event that would often draw over four-hundred entries from around the USA.  As years past, AVDRA would continue into the longest operating vintage motocross club in the Nation, with a reputation of holding World Class events in Arizona and the Southwest, including California, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado.  Dave Boydstuns' energy, innovation and spirt drove the organization to hold races at Canyon Raceway, Thrasher Land, Moto Grande, Moto Verde, Pima Sports Park, and Speedworld (formerly Mel Larsons) Motorplex.  All of these motocross facilities are closed today, yet AVDRA continues to thrive.


Once again, as time passed and motorcycles from the 60's and 70's became more valuable, AVDRA began to include support classes that included disc-brake, water-cooled and more modern machines.  If you, your wife, kids, grandkids, girlfriend, boyfriend, nephew or niece want to race motocross, it's a safe bet AVDRA has a class for whatever bike you ride, in a family environment that is welcoming to all skill levels.


In June 2022, after operating AVDRA for 33 years, Dave Boydstun decided it was time to focus his efforts elsewhere and retire as AVDRA's promotor.  Longtime racer Jim Rike, took the reins from Boydstun and quickly formed an advisory council to help steer AVDRA into the future.  Jim formed a partnership with Motoland, created a schedule of events and AVDRA held its first race under the new leadership in January 2023.   


The significance of AVDRA in the world of vintage motocross cannot be overstated.  The club has a lasting reputation and has become a large component of Arizona motorcycling.  Our members are proud of this, and we hope you would like to become part of the AVDRA family and join us in the exciting journey of riding and racing older motorcycles.


If you have any questions, click the "contact us" button and give us a call...or see our "schedule" and stop at the track to check-out an event.  You'll be glad you did...


See you at the track...!!!


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