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The AVDRA (Arizona Vintage Dirt Racers Association) was started back in 1990 to keep the bikes of the past alive and racing. From the beginning the only thing any of us wanted to do was race the bikes we grew up racing on.


Since 1990 we have run and organized the vintage racing program. AVDRA has run races at Canyon Raceway, Thrasher Land, Moto Grande, Moto Verde, Pima Sports Park, and Speedworld MX tracks in Arizona over the part years.


Our club started with a little more than a dozen riders at the first event, and has been growing ever since!


At first we traveled all around Arizona checking out the tracks, and in the beginning we were just exhibition races at half-time. The second year we set up a 4 race series, and the next year, two 4 race series (Spring & Fall). We started to see that every time AVDRA left the Phoenix area, the entries dropped off; so we ended up with the races held at Speedworld. The club (AVDRA) has worked with all three past operators, John Miller & Frank Paterno (C.M.C.), then Hal Sangunetti (GFI), and Dan Mathews (AMX). The facility of SWMX is constantly improving over a dozen tracks, lights, flush toilets, hot showers, and is open six days a week. There is even a new kid's playground!


The tracks crew is always willing to make the changes to the race track design each and every time we race. This helps keep the riders on their toes, and keeps it interesting on race day.


AVDRA has also run races at ANZA, Glen Helen, Rainbow, Comp Park, Carlsbad, Perris, and Competitive Edge all in California & Sandia in New Mexico.

Our race director David Boydstun is former National Off-road Director of AHRMA, known as the "World Leader" in running vintage cycle events. Dave has traveled the complete AHRMA National Off-road series for many years as a competitor, and three years working for AHRMA setting up and running the Off-road National Series. This is a lot of experience, and week in and week out he can be counted on. Dave has also set up Cross Country and Trials National events, as well as dirt tracks too!



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