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Dearest AVDRA members and fellow racers,

Jim Rike and I spent a few hours Sunday afternoon at the track with Motoland Mike. We discussed the remaining races on the current AVDRA calendar, a proposed vintage track and the administrative and operational tasks that need to be completed before racing can resume. We also walked a portion of the proposed track.

First and foremost, the November and December 2022 AVDRA events are cancelled. Due to the amount of work to be completed by AVDRA and Motoland, it is best to be thorough and start fresh in January. We didn’t want members to mark their calendars, prep their bike, etc. and then cancel again as we rushed to complete everything necessary to host a quality event. I hope you appreciate our logic. Secondly, for the sake of expedience, Jim has selected a group to serve as an Advisory Committee for the next 12 months. We'd like to establish an election process, to keep fresh ideas flowing thru leadership, however for now six racer-members will act as the Advisory Committee. They are as follows: Chairman Jim Rike and advisors Barry Anglemeyer, Gary Elsner, Roy Ruch, Larry Selby and myself (Shawn Warner). Now let's talk about the track at Motoland. Mike's plan is to combine what is now the Mini-Rider track, with a section from a new ATV Track that is currently being built (there was an earth mover working this new track while we were there). Mike also offered us to have input to the new layout; the Advisory Committee will be discussing that very soon. Jim and I also walked the existing Mini-Rider Track and it looks promising, more so if you visualize it extended into the ATV Track under construction. We agreed the track needs to serve all skill levels on machines produced over several decades, so the plan is once Mike has the new vintage track complete, the Advisory Committee will meet at the new track ready to ride and evaluate. In terms of rider skill, there is a great amount of diversity on the Advisory Committee, thus the objective is the final layout will accommodate everyone. And lastly, Motoland has incorporated an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) scoring system. The RFID sticker is purchased for $10 and applied to the inside of your helmet visor (don't put on your bike, or you could ruin while washing). As long as you don't destroy it, it's good for quite awhile. We’ll have more information for you when the time comes... Thanks again for your patience and understanding. And we will continue to keep you updated when we have information to share.


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