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Welcome to the AVDRA 2022 Banquet and Awards Night!

Place: Motoland MX Park

Saturday March 4th, 2023

Time: 4:30 PM to?????

This is the 32nd awards ceremony for Dave Boydstun and the First awards ceremoney for Jim Rike. So they are inviting anyone that has ever raced with us in 32 years to come.

When you come in the gate at Motoland, tell the people at the gate, you are just coming to the Banquet & Awards to get in free.

All AVDRA Family that are now, or were ever, racing with us in the last 32 years, are welcome to attend THIS Awards & Banquet! Free Food and good company. If you are not currently racing with us and are coming, we would appreciate an email back at INFO@AVDRA.COM so we have enough food for all. Also bring your own chair!


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