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2017-2018 Awards Ceremony

Hello racers,

Our 2017-2018 AVDRA Awards Party is getting closer. It is Sunday, August 5th and is being held at Barry McBrides’s new motorcycle museum. The address is 15055 Fountain Hills Blvd, Fountain Hills. The hours are 12:00 Noon to 3:00 pm. Everyone is welcome and there is no fee. In fact, if you have a bike you would like to show off, bring it and show it off. I hope you are all planning to attend. We will be serving pizza and salad for lunch.

We are awarding 30 Championship Cups and approx. 35 specialty awards. We have a surprise for those who were unable to ride the 10 required events. We have lowered it to 8 events so more of you will be receiving Championship Cups. As you may know, next year the required events will be 8 as well. Make your plans now and put this event on your calendar. Hope to see you all there.


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