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Bull Hollow National Race #2

Here is a re-cap of the event by Larry Selby:

Well I think AVDRA pulled off another great race at Monticello Raceway. Pam, Candy, Owen, Jim and Becky did a great job stepping up to the plate on this one. The new class structure only had a few complaints but I think it all got explained and most people realized the names just got changed on some of them. Jim did a great job with the riders meeting, settling disputes and trophy presentation. Pam was not feeling very good but still managed to keep everything in order and running on schedule. You all did a great job.

Chris did a great job with the track as always even though he didn't think it was good enough. He opens up his track to us every year to camp and play and it always turns out to be a great event. He has became a good friend to us all and his family always go the extra step to make sure we are welcome there.

KKOD was there in full force this year and pulled of some great dinners that everyone was able to enjoy. I know the whole group pushed this race as they always do to get more people to participate in it and I don't think anyone was disappointed.

We really could not of asked for better weather and with the afternoon storms it just made it better.

As always its great to see old friends as well as make new ones each year at this event. I know we are already making plans for it next year, only a week earlier.

Once again, thanks to everyone who made this race weekend so much fun and to the AVDRA staff that worked so hard to make it a great event.

Thanks Larry. I will be working on the points this week. going back to race #1"Duel in the Desert" and #2 "Bull Hollow Rampage" ... Stay tuned

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