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Motoland Race 7 Recap

The Weather was going to prove to be an unusually cool day in the desert. Skies were overcast and some chances for rain in the afternoon. The track was going to be run in reverse so the day would be "new" for everyone. The track would produce some serious ruts throughout the day which made for a fun and challenging track. I always know when it was a tough day of racing because my body is sore on Monday, and this proved to be true for sure.

Heather and Mike Myers (Myers Video Production LLC) were there to race and produced this wonderful video for us throughout the day of racing. Give it a view.

I like to see that the kids classes are really growing.

Its amazing that the motorcycle can transcend such an age gap, melding 6 year old racers with other racers as old as 85. Lets keep this momentum going.

Keep the tread on the edge. Till next race.

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