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Tear Offs

Champagne MX

2015/16 ADVRA Season

I feel like “popping some corks !” The 2015/16 ADVRA District 1 Season has come to a close. Nine events at three tracks: Tucson Motorsport Park, Motoland and Arizona Motocycle Park (ACP). Next year, we will host 10 events: 2 at Tucson, 4 at Motoland & 4 at ACP. ADVRA racing is truly a physical, mental and mechanical challenge. I certainly had my issues with my 1974 Suzuki TM 125 which liked to be pushed off the starting line to the finish line instead of rocketing past that rubber band and around the berms and jumps laid out by the three track owners. We also conquered the weather from October to April including last weekend’s deluge of rain during the “Lance Munnery Memorial Race.” Lance had been with the club for over a decade leading some great GP 125 battles on a white Yamaha YZ, because Lance was from South Africa and only the US got yellow Yamaha’s in the 70’s & 80’s. We lost Lance to Cancer in 2014, but not before he showed up at the track to spend one last Sunday with his “Chums. Sure glad it was raining during his parade laps, because I was tearing.

Back to the celebration. Butch Garza won the coveted “Ironman Trophy.” Butch rode a trusty Suzuki and not so trusty Penton to score the win over Steve Roach with his stable of CZ’s. Not only does Butch get his name of this “Great Geared Wonder” but he gets a free entry in every district race next year. Every racer that attends all events of each season gets a new pair of “Fox MX Sox” from Uncle Bill Ramsey. This year’s winners include Rick Sibley, Jarrett Sibley, Jeff Policky, Louis Phay, Ed Cavanagh and Don Reed. Guys, contact The Motorcycle Accessory Shop to pick out your size and color. Bet you wore out at least one pair of socks this season.

Now, let’s pour some Bubbly in these championship cups: rider’s with the most points and at least 5 events.

Wow…That is quite a list of accomplishments ! Good job competitors and better luck next year to the runner-ups. I know how you feel, believe me !

Let me thank the ladies at sign up and scoring, especially Pam & Candy. Thank you to all the flaggers and our starter, Jimmy, all the track workers and especially Nancy and Dave for putting together the big show.

Don’t forget our sponsors: AMS, Sun Cornerstone, MAS, 2-Guys MX Graphics, Atlas Copco, Musselman Honda, Tiffany Basco & Moto Center.

If you can not wait until the first weekend in October, AVDRA hosts these summer races with the same class structure:

July 17, 6th Annual Bullhollow, Monticello, Utah

September 18, Thunder Valley, Denver, Colorado

Check out our schedule for more details. I got to get another bottle because my glass is dry. Cheers to you !! See you in October.

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