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Something Special in Jim Pomeroy

A.V.D.R.A. will always try to remember Jim's way of life:

Always Have A Great Time,

Always Ride Hard & Race To Win,

Always Get Together With Friends,

And Always Get Ready For The Next Race...

To the McCookRacing Family:

The Pomeroy Family extends a deeply sincere "Thank You" to the wonderful people of motocross both near and abroad.

The global outpouring of kindness, prayers and support has filled our hearts with gratitude and chests with immeasurable pride. Your collective kindness has helped our family hold our heads high with pride as we try to come to terms with the tragic loss of Jimmy.

We are confident in our hearts that Jimmy would have wanted it no other way. Your kindness proves that Jimmy's loving personality, his generous heart and unforgettable laughter not only touched the lives throughout the MX world, but reached well beyond the fans, sponsors, riders and mechanics. He made friends throughout his life and travels. Young, old, rich or poor, you remind us of the lives Jimmy touched. He never forgot where he came from and we are immensely proud that the World will not forget him.

Many things may trigger the grief we feel when we are reminded of our loss.(Yours & ours) We are able to embrace it with such pride because of all of you throughout the World.

Forever he lives through all of us.


The Pomeroy Family, Lorene (Mom), Debbie (Sis), Ron (Bro)

In closing: If you have a "Jimmy" memory or a photo you would like to share, please do so. Some folks have already shared their story personally or through letters and email. We know there are many more out there that the family has never heard. We would love to hear from you.

Letters to: Debbie (Pomeroy) Hyatt P.O. Box 127 Wellborn, Texas 77881

Emails to: Debbie (Pomeroy) Hyatt Phone: (979) 219-2055

We were talking about Jim today then I found this picture today I forgot we had it was taken the first year I went to paris with you I will never forget my mom saying to me when you came up to her introduced your self she thought that was so nice of you when you said to her my name is david im greggs friend the picture of jim me and my mom was taken not verry long after you met my mom and jim said hi my name is Jim pomeroy in greggs friend man I will never foget that day I know my mom didnt I would like you to know I wont forget it either she said she would be at the awards banquet this year wish she could have.

This is what Vintage Friends are all about! Thanks Dave and Jim.

Gregg's Mom passed away June 18th, 2007.

The Riding School that Jim went to!

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