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Road Trip Baby

It all started out Wednesday night when the Temecula crew of Becky & Glenn Barfknecht and Sterylen Rigsby picked me up for a road trip to the AVDRA National MX race in Fernley NV. I was promised by Mrs. B. we would be on the road Wednesday night not Thursday morning. So we pulled away from my house in Rancho Cucamonga promptly at 11:59pm.

We were leaving a couple of days early so we could stop and do some fishing along the Walker River. After driving for 4-5 hrs. we stopped at rest stop for a couple of hours; then it was on the road again. I was then informed we had to get our priorities straight - we needed to get a fishing license! With stops in Bishop and Bridgeport we had no luck everyone was sold out. Wow we might strike out before we get there. Our next stop in Lee Vining we were in luck. Next stop the Walker River.

We arrived there around 10: 00am and by 10:20 Mr. Rigsby had caught the first fish. Glenn had not even got his gear and made it to the river yet. After a couple of stops to check out the fishing we found a perfect spot to spend the next two days. So we started to set up our tents (err) extend out the pop out on the motor home and set up camp. With in the next 2 hours Glenn had caught and released eight fish. Glen was the guy reeling them in left and right for two plus days.

After fishing the rest of the afternoon it was time for dinner and a camp fire. Becky hooked us up (no pun intended) with some barbeque pork chops and all the fixings. Going on a road trip with Becky you will never be hungry. You will be taken care of very well. Thanks Becky!

The next morning we were up at the crack of 8:30am to do some more fishing only today we were going to be keeping a few fish for a barbeque we had set up with Bill Silverthorne, Gene Fetty, Jerry Silverthorne and Tim Devlin. After fishing all morning we were taken a break and relax. When Bill, Gene, Jerry and Tim came pulling up to our camp, shortly after that they were all fishing. With everyone having good luck fishing we had more fish then we needed for our fish fry that night. After cleaning up a bit we were off to meet with Bill and Gene at there hotel for the barbeque. When we arrived, Jerry and Tim were cleaning fish; Bill and Gene were putting together some vegetables Bill had grown in his garden and then cooking started. The meal was awesome and it was great spending time with good friends talking about old times.

The next morning all the boys did some more fishing. By noon we were on the road to Fernley. After arriving at the track we did a little hanging out and walked the track. While walking the track Jim Rike found “A” rock on it. He saved it and we questioned Russ the next morning at the riders meeting. Come on Russ, “A” rock on the track. I think someone brought it in from CA. The track was just as we were told it would be by Russ at club moto. Soft sand in the middle of the track and soft sand on the right and left side of the track. If you like a sand track you will love this place. After a great day of racing it was time for the dash for cash. When the dash for cash finished we went right into the awards for the day. It all starts with the dash for cash top 4 getting their awards/ cash and a bottle of champagne to the winner. It is always great to see the winner spray all of his buddies only to pass the bottle down so they can spray him. I can just see it now; a rider gets home his wife smells his riding gear and starts to think what kind of a motocross race did he go to??

The races were over and it was time to get on the road back home. I could just tell when we were driving down the road Glenn had other things on his mind.(fishing). Sure enough while on the road home on the 395 interstate we stopped for a bit and did some more fishing. After all we had an hour and a half of day light left. This was a great road trip spent with great people. I am now looking forward to the next one.

Ride on!!

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