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Duel in the Desert 17

Oh no what are we going to do. 5 days before the opening round of the AVDRA racing thru time racing series we had a problem. The track we had used for the past 15 opening rounds was closing. Oh no what are we going to do. With out skipping a beat the event was moved to Canyon Raceway. We were welcomed with open arms by the track owners'.

People I can't say enough good things about. They were great people to work with. Oh no what are we going to do. We get to the track 3 day before the event and the track and some of the pits are under water. It had rained for three days early in week something not normal for AZ. The track crew started working on it and by Saturday the track and pit were usable not perfect but very usable. Oh no what are we going to do 10 percent of the way into prepping the hare scrambles track the track on the tractor snapped and needed welding. Just getting the tractor out of the way was a chore. At this point we had only two hours before the start of the event. With out skipping a beat the track owner called in for a backup tractor. The complete track was prepped and ready to go on time thanks to the hard working crew at Canyon Raceway. A young Eric Swanson from Nebraska was the star of the show. Putting in some very impressive lap times. This hare scrambles lay out was quite different from the lay out we had in the past Duel in the Deserts and was liked by all. It was great seeing Berry Mcbride one of the series sponsors out their on his Hodaka Ace 100B I could tell by the big smile on his face he had a great time. Thank you Berry for all your support.

After a short brake we had early sign up and tech something most people want to get out of the way before race day. Saturday ended with the 2012 series awards banquet. It all started with Hamburgers,Hotdogs, beans, salads, drinks and cake. After a little bench racing it was time for AVDRA to thank all of the great riders and people we have in our club. Everett Berry was the star of the show collecting 6 yes 6 championship cups Everett you are the man. Eric Havery was given the sportsman of the year award. If you have ever talked with Eric you would know why it was given to him. WOW the group of riders from Colorado cleaned up. Many championship cups were given out to them. They also received AVDRA jackets. Thank you Colorado you guys are the best. BAM!!

7:00am Sunday morning MX race day. Sign up and tech ready to roll with 200+ entries it was going to be a long day. When the racing started it was clear to see it was going to be a great day. Our series sponsors people we could not do this series without were out in full force. All out on the track and having fun. Uncle Bill (aka) Bill Ramsey from The Motorcycle Accessory Shop. Tall Paul (aka) Paul Varda From Valley Dental Care. Jordan Luke and David Moskat from Motocenter. Chris Capages and Ed Kavanagh from 2guys Graphix Thank you guys with out your help and support we could not put on the series we put on with out it.

Their was some great racing all day long. Don Adams a local from AZ someone who attended Duel in the Desert #1 was putting in some impressive lap times on his great looking 440 Macio. Very impressive rides were put in by two young men in AVDRA 16 year old Evan Woolsey and 14 year old Cody Howard The future of AVDRA Not only were they impressive on their modern bikes but on their vintage bikes. Two young men AVDRA is very proud of. At the awards presentation Puddles (aka) Margie Derozier steped up to thank Cody Howard for stopping and helping her out of a ? you guessed it a mud puddle. Thats how she got her nick name. She said many riders rode right past her but not Cody, This fucture Sportsman of the year stopped and helped her out. Thanks Cody you are growing up to be a great young man. Something AVDRA has noticed for the past few years.

As the sun set on the day the awards presentation and the event we saw alot of smileing faces and alot of talk about the next event. Honolulu Hills Taft,CA Some people set off for the long ride home. Some set off to watch some football game. I think someone called it the Super bowl ?? Ride on ! MAC (aka) Mark Arsenault

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