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Awards on Sunday

Hello to AVDRA racers.

The Awards Party is this coming Sunday at Barry McBride's new Vintage Motorcycle Museum. The Address is 15055 N Fountain Hills Blvd. The hours are 12:00 Noon to 3:00 pm. If you have anything vintage that you would like to display, please bring it. Bikes, clothes, helmets, magazines........Only vintage tho.

Pizza and salad will be served for lunch.


Look below.

Riley Temple, Luke Matejovsky, Logan Connolly, Cadance Saxon, Sapphire Valadez, Talon Anglemeyer, Josue Valadez, Kail Ortegia, Logan Thomasson, Enzo Divito, Molly Cline, Bob Keiser, Marc Danna, Jim O'Sullivan, Ron Sneed, Steve Roach, Michael Martin, Bill Ramsey, Mark Winkleman, Chris Delarco, Jeff Policky, Tony Fuller, Richard Paiva, Jim Rike, Bruce Kenyon, Catalina Springstroh, Stacey Waffensmith, Holly Scoggin, Ken McCutcheon, Joe Reed, Larry Selby, Basil Ortega, Mike Blume, Chuck Chagnon, Frank Gamez, Ed Kavanagh, Bob McKinney, Barry Anglemeyer, Todd Scoggin, Kyle Kenyon, Paisen McNeilly, Jimmy Sutton, Kelly Springerly, Becky Selby, Mary Bissa, Mary Mennie, Chris Capages, Glen Buckles, Barry McBride Rick Sibley, Mark Musselman, Dan Mathews, Dan "Smurf" Ecker, Paul Hedger Sr., and Gerry Hayes.

And that's not all of them.

See you Sunday.

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