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THUNDER in the VALLEY: Race Report

AVDRA Lakewood Colorado race was held Sunday Sept 17, 2017

Great time all around, The track was super fun with the best parts of the dynamic elevation filled National course groomed to vintage spec’s along with modifications by Dave to avoid triples and propelling lip jumps. Attendance was nice and heavy towards the GP bike direction. Gate 4 - GP age classes was a full gate, this made for a wicked first turn at the top of the steep uphill start then sweeping right and to a cool drop.

As usual the race day clipped along smoothly thanks to the AVDRA crew and track staff. We also had the good fortune to have Dave Shelton a Tucson MX vet now living in Colorado using his radio announcer background and great voice to call the races and gates loud and clear on the track PA. While he shifted gears to race Dave Boydstun moved onto the mic after his hot moto's, multi-tasker's indeed!

Weather was as good as it gets for moto action, blue skies and puffy clouds in the am, the temp started out in the low 50’s and climbed to the upper 60’s through the day.

While on the line at the second round of moto 9 you could see the gathering of the dark clouds boiling up over head, by moto 10, the last moto of the day a light rain let loose, as if cued up for a scene in a movie. The thunder cracks made the point of reminding us why the track is called Thunder Valley.

The rain cleared the air and gave a nice close to the day while everyone gathered under the roof for awards at the sign up building.

Again on cue the rain stopped, sun came out and the awards proceeded, we were rolling out by around 3:30 Sunday afternoon.

I am in for next year!

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