February 20, 2018

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance is excited to welcome Arizona Vintage Dirt Racers Association to the alliance. Volunteers like us make it possible for the Food Bank to provide 250,000 meals across Arizona each day.

Their projects include: packing emergency food boxes, on-site food distribution, Kids Café and much more!

AVDRA is Looking for 20 volunteers for March 24, 2018 

How To Get Involved


·        Visit http://volunteer.firstfoodbank.org

·        Scroll down until you see the INVITATION CODE BOX on the right hand side.

·        Enter your group...

November 9, 2017

We have a tab for the points now under the points tab. Points are done in Trackside now and published by trackside. If you go under the points tab and select on 2017-2018 az series it will show the two races and a points tally.

NOW IT IS STILL GLITCHY so by NO MEANS are these points final. We are working with the programmers to resolve any issues.

August 28, 2017

After 5 hours on the computer the points from the first National Race (Duel in the Dessert) and the second national race have been updated and are posted. This was not easy since the first race was under the old class structure and the second race is under the New class structure. Add into that all the people moved up in class. 

Next race up is Thunder Valley... stay tuned for more details


July 13, 2017

Here is a re-cap of the event by Larry Selby:

Well I think AVDRA pulled off another great race at Monticello Raceway. Pam, Candy, Owen, Jim and Becky did a great job stepping up to the plate on this one. The new class structure only had a few complaints but I think it all got explained and most people realized the names just got changed on some of them. Jim did a great job with the riders meeting, settling disputes and trophy presentation. Pam was not feeling very good but still managed to keep everything in order and running on schedule. You all did a great job.

Chris did a great job with the track as always even though he didn't think it was good enough. He opens up his track to us...

June 6, 2017


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Sign up forms Here: 


May 30, 2017

These Dates and locations are subject to change and will be confirmed later

Race 1 October 1st 2017 | Motoland | Casa Grande, AZ 

Race 2 October 22nd 2017 | ACP | Buckeye, AZ

Race 3 November 12th 2017 | MC Motorsports Park| Tucson, AZ (Finals in the Desert)

Race 4 December 3rd 2017 | Motoland | Casa Grande, AZ

Race 5 December 31st 2017 | Motoland | Casa Grande, AZ (R.A.D.)

Race 6 January 21st 2018 | MC Motorsports Park| Tucson, AZ

Race 7 February 4th 2018 | ACP | Buckeye, AZ (Duel in the Desert)

Race 8 February 25th 2018 | MC Motorsports Park| Tucson, AZ

Race 9 March 18th 2018 | ACP | Buckeye, AZ

Race 10 April 8th 2018 | Motoland | Casa Grande, AZ

Race 11 April 29th 2018 | ACP | Buckeye, AZ


May 16, 2017

A big thanks to Dave and the crew for another great year of vintage racing in Arizona. Lance was looking out for us and keeping us safe and sending us some cool weather for our last race. 

Series Points are up and there is two IRONMAN Champions this year. The points ended up in a two way tie. One champion is a vintage racer and the other a modern racer.


So new rules will be set up for IRONMAN for next year. In the event of a tie the award will go to the racer that is older in age. Also IRONMAN points will only be awarded for the Vintage and GP classes. 


Heres a big  thank you from Dave himself!

Thank You All, for such a great turn out for the final AVDRA race of the 2016/17 s...

April 30, 2017

IRON MAN POINTS ARE UP.... Stay tuned for race Details