Finals in the Desert, Nov. 13, 2016

November 6th, 2016 is the deadline to PRE-Enter for the Finals In The Desert. This is a race NOT to Miss out on We will have the FAMOUS Mary McGee with us. She was the VERY first Woman Dirt Bike racer EVER! She ALSO taught Steve McQueen how to ride a dirt bike for the movie, "On Any Sunday." The list goes on and on...If you show up you will hear all of her WONDERFUL, SWEET STORY! Pre-enter or enter the day of the race for AN EXTRA $15.00 PER ENTRY. So Please get your entry in NOW. YOU DO NOT PAY UNTIL YOU SEE US AT THE TRACK!!! Race day is November 13th , 2016. At MC Motorsports MX Park, Tucson, AZ

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