Not Your Average Jack Rabbit

Sunday, December 27, 2015 was AVDRA’S annual Rider Appreciation Day race at Motoland, in Casa Grande, AZ. The RAD event allows the club to get together on the holiday to show our new Christmas gear, accessories and spend time with family and friends. Only, there is always a free half time race to allow new comers or visitors to ride the track and experience race like conditions. There are always sons, daughters, wives, girlfriends, neighbors and all sorts of motorcycle devotees in the race. Everyone who finishes gets the same trophy, but the bragging rights go on for ever. This year was unique. Dave’s Boydstun and his AMS crew played Santa Claus and delivered a 1974 CZ 400 to 84 year old Pau

Motoland Race 4

101 Racers showed up ready to race. The Weather was outstanding and the dirt at MOTOLAND was perfect for a great day of racing. Dave changed it up for us by forcing us to race the track backwards. A lot of complaints from the masses, but thats racing in my opinion. You have take the track your given and adapt to it. Personally I like MOTOLAND in whatever direction you make it. A great day of racing was had by all and we all made it home safely for work on Monday.

In the Beginning. The Birth of the YZ

The time line for off-road motorcycles should begin in 1968 with the birth of the Yamaha DT-1. Previous to that date should be classified as “BDTE” (Before DT Era) and after that should be “ADTE” (After DT Era). That’s how significant the first dual purpose bike is, and was. BDTE there existed only English four stroke singles and twins that were heavy street bikes stripped of their street gear, underpowered, quirky and lovingly referred to as Desert sleds, and the European two stroke singles that were light and powerful and as easy to get and maintain as a Panda Bear. The DT-1 was the motorcycle equivalent of the Ford Mustang in that it brought thesense

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