Great Times at the Finals in the Desert

LInk to AZ points | Link to NAT Points | Pictures Dirt bikers and farmers celebrate when they see rain. And boy were we celebrating on Sunday. AVDRA was hosting their final event on its national season at MC Motosports Park in Tucson, Arizona. I left the house at 5:30 AM and it started raining before I hit the freeway. Two hours down to the track and it rained most of the way. Mark and Linda Musselman, track manager checked me in. “Mother nature prepped the track, you are going to love it.” Mark is also a third generation Honda dealer, the second oldest Honda dealer in the state, a series sponsor and general nice guy. The pit was already pretty full by the time I arrived, the rain had stoppe

Hour of Power Podcast

Listen to a interview with Dave about our Club and the state of Vintage Motocross in general: Two-wheel power Hour podcast as Malcolm Smith would say "Thats Really Neat"

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