Something Special in Jim Pomeroy

A.V.D.R.A. will always try to remember Jim's way of life: Always Have A Great Time, Always Ride Hard & Race To Win, Always Get Together With Friends, And Always Get Ready For The Next Race... To the McCookRacing Family: The Pomeroy Family extends a deeply sincere "Thank You" to the wonderful people of motocross both near and abroad. The global outpouring of kindness, prayers and support has filled our hearts with gratitude and chests with immeasurable pride. Your collective kindness has helped our family hold our heads high with pride as we try to come to terms with the tragic loss of Jimmy. We are confident in our hearts that Jimmy would have wanted it no other way. Your kindness proves tha

30+ Years of Fun... Heres to 30 More!

Back in the day, waaay back in 1971...I was a ten year old kid standing at the bus stop early in the morning. The purr of a small four-cycle motor caught the attention of those waiting for their ride to school, and a startled group of elementary students looked on with envy as my dad pulled up riding his maroon Honda CL350. I had forgotten my lunch, leaving it on the kitchen counter, and dad was bringing it to me while on his way to work. As dad pulled away, the other kids couldn’t believe my dad rode a motorcycle. To every kid, then and now, motorcycles are cool and I guess in small town New England, only Marlon Brando was supposed to ride a street bike...not the dad down the street with th

Glad Bag Racing

What size trash bag do you wear ? 15 gallon, 30, 39 or triple X 50 gallon ! Well, there I was at 7 AM on November 22nd at the Quik Trip deciding what size I needed to survive the second round of AVDRA’s vintage motorcycle series at Speedworld. Our racing starts in October and ends in early May to avoid the intense heat of the summer. My adventure began the day before when I deliberately chose to leave the “EZ-UP” shade and vented gear behind because the weather was predicted to be cooler. Plus it takes up too much room in the mini-van. Instead, I packed the standard assortment of tools, spares and gear including two cotton jerseys and spare gloves. Little else made the cut that would have ma

Road Trip Baby

It all started out Wednesday night when the Temecula crew of Becky & Glenn Barfknecht and Sterylen Rigsby picked me up for a road trip to the AVDRA National MX race in Fernley NV. I was promised by Mrs. B. we would be on the road Wednesday night not Thursday morning. So we pulled away from my house in Rancho Cucamonga promptly at 11:59pm. We were leaving a couple of days early so we could stop and do some fishing along the Walker River. After driving for 4-5 hrs. we stopped at rest stop for a couple of hours; then it was on the road again. I was then informed we had to get our priorities straight - we needed to get a fishing license! With stops in Bishop and Bridgeport we had no luck ever

What to Expect Race Day

​ So you are new to the club or haven’t been racing lately. Here’s a good primer to the race weekend. I hate to rush or feel unnecessary pressure. So if you are lucky, you can load the day before. If not, I highly recommend a check list. I recently saw my best friends 30 year old clip board and check list he has used religiously since the time he loaded two left MX boots (one of mine) before a Loretta Lynn Qualifier back in 1978. So what do you need to bring: First, the bike in race ready condition. You can leave small details like chain lube, fuel and tire pressure until you arrive at the track, but have the major issues like electronics and leaks repaired. I like to make sure the bike star

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